Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Young Love

My first crush was Carl, who was in my year 5/6 composite class. Of course, my affection was unrequited. That is, until it became mutual dislike, as is the trajectory of unrequited love.

I remember on our year 6 trip to the snow, he was the only boy in my class to bring his own skis. He went skiing every year, with his family, or so it was said.

What I was doing crushing on some snobby kid who bragged about skiing all the time, I do not know.

Anyway, because he'd made such a big deal of his ability, my friend dared me to call out his name when we were on the ski lift, and he was skiing below us. So I did, and he almost fell over. Now that's revenge...

Who was your first crush?


Bonnie said...

Alexander Rexstraw, in kindergarten. He had bright red hair and glasses and all us girls loved the way he could hang from his ankles from the top of the spider's web climber.

sophg said...

That's gold!

So everyone adored his athletic/acrobatic ability? Because he sounds like the luckiest red head there ever was!

onlinesoph said...

would you believe I am still embarassed to write down my first crush in print??

I was late in young love though. Blame single sex primary school for that:)

sophg said...

haha go on soph, we're all friends here!

onlinesoph said...

but what if he googles his name and finds my comment?!? haha.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Esther Unsworth.

We were 4.

She was an angel.

ps- Esther was my 1st choice for a girls name. E didn't appreciate the connotations.