Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm satisfied, because I have baby spew on my skirt!

I was given the privilege of looking after 4 month old baby Phoebe Chua from church yesterday, for a couple of hours while her mum went to the dentist. So cute! She slept most of the time, which meant I did quite a bit of work (this is a good thing), and she conveniently woke up with a big grin 10 mins before her mum got home, time enough for a cuddle and a spew.

I really like babies. I think it's probably in my genes, because Mum is a neonatal nurse. I certainly don't have any sort of ability with them though, I just think they're cute. So little and defenseless!

It's funny being a woman and not knowing whether you will have children. Like I think most women want children, but who knows if we will have them? It's such a strong urge too. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I may never marry, may never have children. That is a hard truth to swallow, but it's part of this life. I often ponder how heaven will look, what will happen to family as we know it? Obviously we'll be the Family of God - capital letters, but what of other relationships which God designed for this life? It will be fascinating. What I like is that I can definitely know one thing - we won't be wanting for anything, because we will be in perfect relationship with God, bringing him glory and knowing in full ! That is a glorious truth.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

People ask whether I miss Orange, or being a journalist.

My answer?

I missed my family and friends, and the city when I was in Orange more than I miss Orange now. However, things that I miss:

5 minute commute to work
Fresh air
Beautiful views
Being able to hang out at people's houses regularly at short notice because they live two streets away
The modesty of a country church
Country folk
My work mates and their idiosyncracies
Cheap rent
Fruit on the side of the road

Things I don't miss about Orange:
Being so far away
Chewing up so much petrol coming back to Sydney too often
Feeling new
The lack of coffee
The lack of spectacle (although this is something I enjoy a rest from)
Late nights at work
Being caught up in the news cycle

Things I'm liking about being back in Sydney:
Being close to everyone I love
Everything except for rent and fruit is cheaper
Being back at my home church
Familiar people and places
Public transport
Commuting (because I can read and listen to my music)
The challenges of a new job
My living quarters and housemate/best friend

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dylan, Soph-jan and hot nights

Today was a rest day - I worked the last seven days, five of which were on staff conference which was great. So for my rest day, Veronica and I saw the Dylan film "I'm Not There" and went to Max Brenner for fondue and coffee (mmm).

I hadn't read much about the film before arriving at the theatre, when I realised it wasn't a depiction of Bob Dylan by six different actors, so much as a depiction of six aspects or eras of Dylan's life by six actors. So that was good to know before going in.

However, that didn't help all that much, because the film was basically one big post-modern love fest, with obscure cultural allusions all through it, which is satisfying if you are a Dylanite, but quite alienating if you're not. I like Dylan, I like his ethos and his music, however I do not have the knowledge base to be able to decipher a film like I'm Not There. It still worked well as a work of art, but I feel I missed a lot of its significance due to my ignorance! Also, I'm not sure if Cate Blanchett deserves the Golden Globe for her role. She is good, but it's hard to forget it's her under the costume and at times she wasn't convicing, although I'm not sure that was the aim. If it wasn't, it that wasn't explicit.

So my other wonderful experience in recent days was seeing Sufjan Stevens at the State Theatre. He's in Sydney as part of the Sydney Festival, the first time he's come to Australia. And what a man!!! Oh suf, if only he were mine! If you have not heard his stuff, you must. And if you have not seen him, you must google him!

On another topic, I'm thinking hospitality is not my brother's gift. Tonight he had mum dad and me over for dinner, but forgot to plan the meal. So he made carbonara from a jar, but chopped up chillies and parsley and stirred them through. He put two whole chillies in! We were all coughing and our noses were running with the heat. Even Andrew was struggling. At one point we cracked open a carton of sour cream just to cool the stuff down! Then for dessert he pulled out paddle pops from the freezer. Classic. Just for those who don't know, my brother is a bachelor and lives with two other 25 year old men in a penthouse apartment. Comprende?