Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holiday Indulgence

Aren't holidays the best time to do anything and everything you would normally write off as fanciful and/or a waste of time?

Yesterday, having read a bit more about Harvey Cushing on the internet, I decided on impulse to visit the State Library and have a read of his biography. It was really fun, going "into town", filling in my request slip, and then retrieving the book and having a good, long read while taking notes with no deadline or feeling of "I ought to be doing something else".

While I was there, I also took at look at the current exhibitions: Bondi Jitterbug - a collection of fun pictures taken by George Caddy on Bondi Beach in the 30s and 40s, and The Magic Pudding watercolours by Norman Lindsay.

Fun! You should do it sometime!

I even took some photos on my crappy phone camera, to celebrate the last day of my photo diary... but I'll post them separately.

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