Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I finally saw Juno ($2.95 new releases at civic on tuesdays!)

I loved it!

I love that it offered hope, yet realism.

I love the soundtrack.

And I love the animation.


Ben McLaughlin said...

I saw it during the holdays for the first time too. E loves it. I have mixed feelings. I really liked it in general, but found the end really frustrating. I know that's probably a boringly common criticism, but yeah, that lessened my like a lot.

The kid ends up with a single adopted mother rather than the birth mother and father who are actually now together anyway! Oh terrific! The baby is not with its parents, but at least the parents can now start afresh without the kid. They have their whole lives ahead to have kids, after all.

Sorry for the sarcasm!

That aside, a good movie.

sophg said...

Interesting response! I can see where you're coming from - of course it would be lovely if she'd mothered her child, and the kid could grow up with its natural parents.

I guess I just felt it was a positive portrayal of something good coming out of unfortunate/accidental circumstances.

Plus the characters were gold. And, interesting that Juno had some integrity in her relationships. Not often you see that. Most films would indulge the affair.

But yeah, fair comments!

Nixter said...

I loved Juno too - cool movie!