Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hope Street Markets

I'm excited - we're going to the Hope Street Markets today. It's like a real-life version of the virtual Etsy store.

I can't take much money (because I don't have any!), but the temptations will I'm sure, be great.

Anyway, if nothing else, it'll make a feast for my camera, and my mind - I plan on stealing some ideas!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wives and Daughters

Had the day at home sick today... I have the flu - it's very icky. But I was able to finish watching Wives and Daughters.

Certainly not a favourite, but a good story nonetheless. I much prefer North and South (one of Gaskell's other novels). I was trying to think if I knew any Molly Gibsons, and I think I do. One of my former housemates from Roseby Street is definitely a Molly - very sincere, a little quirky, honest and modest. For those who know who i'm talking about - it's Jane's sister Steph. Although she doesn't really look like the Molly in this BBC production...

Budget Rrant

So disappointed (although should've predicted) that the media is painting the Budget as fuelling 'class envy'. I can see why people earning a lot of money would feel gipped, but I just don't get why anyone could possibly disagree with the government providing help to those who need it. Of course there will still be people who irresponsibly use the subsidies they receive, that's life.

The one thing I do disagree with about this budget/election/EVERYTHING WAYNE SWAN SAYS - is the rhetoric of "working families". It ignores pensioners, single people and the unemployed. So sick of hearing it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

An admission

I like to think i'm a book nerd, and I guess I kind of am, but not really. I become bored very quicly with books that don't interest me. But not just that, I will start, say, 6 books within 6 weeks and not finish any of them, because I get distracted or bored. I started reading Virginia Woolf "To the Lighthouse" about three months ago, but I haven't picked it up in weeks! It was going too slowly and I wasn't working hard enough to get to the body of the book.

Is this normal? My dad used to tease me as a child saying "you never finish any books!" the truth is, I do, just not most. The last really interesting book I couldn't put down was The Secret River by Kate Grenville. I love good fiction, alas it is hard to find.

Today I went to the library for the first time in probably over a year! I just don't associate the innerwest with the library. I used to go when I lived with mum and dad, because it was close by and big and friendly. Whereas the Leichhardt library is pretty desolate, and doesn't have the best selection.

But I was after a good fiction book, so I went straight to "E" for Eggers, and I was pleasantly surprised. They even had his latest book, 'What is the What', but I decided on read 'You Shall Know Our Velocity'. The book actually starts on the cover, then reads over onto the inside cover, and has no index or blank pages.

I also went to their DVD section, and got Wives and Daughters, the BBC version of the Gaskell novel. It will keep me entertained this weekend for sure.

My other admission is that I have read hardly any period fiction, but I've a voracious appetite for their film adaptations! I think I just love getting to the ending quickly haha... also I love good screenplay. Not to say I don't love good writing, but man some of those novels go on and on and on. I wonder if my attention span is related to being a journalist at heart and really only wanting the punchline, the pithy grab?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Hoff

The inspection went well. No dramas. And our apartment is now back to messy. What a relief!

Went car hunting yesterday... felt like I saw most of Sydney. Thankfully my kms paid off, and the last car I saw I'm buying. It's a pretty old ugly toyota corolla, but it will get me from A - B. I've already decided to name it johanneshof, pronounced [yo-han-nez-hoff) or "The Hoff" for short.

Haven't had many thoughts lately beyond the mundane. I'm sure something will pop up worthy of blogging about soon enough. Until then, it's back to the couch under the warm woollen rug. mmm

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ah why am I awake?

I've been looking on the net for a new, cheaper car - (I am in the process of selling my old one (have a buyer, sealing the deal next week) so it's now 1AM and I'm printing out ads madly so I can ring people tomorrow to book viewings over the weekend. Too many to choose from though...

Also, how annoying is the terrible spelling, grammar and syntax of car advertisements online? Eg. "This car brillant body, sevice history good , run well like no other"

Oh man, I should give them a real talking to. Mind you this blog isn't exactly the pinnacle of the english language.

Tomorrow = no fun. The real estate agent is coming for an inspection in the afternoon = cleaning ALL morning. ARgh!