Friday, January 9, 2009

Best gadget EVER!

So I just read about this thing called "Poladroid" that turns your digital photos into polaroids! So cool!

It even "prints" them out on your desktop, and you have to wait for the image to appear, and you can "shake" it to speed it up - just like a real polaroid. I've always wanted one - but they are so expensive, and they don't make the film anymore. Well, here's my free solution!

And the best thing about it??? IT'S FREE!

Here are some recent photos that I Polaroided

Oh, there are hours of fun ahead...


Kim said...

The results work out really well with that thing and it has fancy sound effects. Is that the Tim Rogers' Paragon Cafe?

sophg said...

I don't know - what do you mean by the Tim Rogers one?