Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recipe Request

So i'm trying to eat healthily, and stick to low carbs in the evening, and just generally reduce fat and sugar intake.

Do you guys have any favourite healthy snacks and meals?

Tonight I made fritatta with whatever was in the fridge, and it was pretty good, and we've done a few stirfries, a few meat and three veg nights, vietnamese spring rolls, sang choy bow.

For snacks i like vegie sticks with dip, or a piece of fruit, but that gets a bit boring. I also made apple oat bran muffins, which were good - but more of a treat.

Any ideas?


onlinesoph said...

soup is healthy and filling with no carbs (and so cheap!) - pumpkin and sweet potato soup, cauliflower soup, minestrone and lentil soup are my favourites.

salads with meat - sweet chilli chicken salad, roasted vegetable salad, low-fat fetta and rind-free bacon (you could have it without the meat to be even healthier, but that's no fun!)

Snacks - I go through phases. Right now, it's raw nuts...almonds, walnuts, cashews, and yoghurt. My colleague makes hummous and eats it with rice cakes or crackers - it looks yum!

sophg said...

Thanks for the ideas - yeah soups's something I've been meaning to make. I've been craving a yummy chicken soup all week. Thanks Soph!