Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Prayer

You ask me how to pray and I say, you tell me.

tell me how it's water boiling over pot's edge a squeaking
floorboard hit upon each morning tell me about the full stop
nursing tiny secrets the spaces between words the listless
dreaming the to-do lists rustling loudly in the back
ground how the images dance and settle trees planted
by streams growing tall their leaves turning blonde in
the light of the alpha and omega the one that is and is to come

Tell me how to pray, you ask. And I say, you tell me.

Adventures over the last few months

1. With Rosey in Adelaide 2. Feist in Adelaide 3. Staff retreat at Flinders back beach 4. Sunflower fields at Meredith 5. Golden Plains 6. Scrabble at GP 7. Horsies in Meredith 8. Old school mechanic 9. Chai 10. MamaBaba with my Uncle 11. The city at dusk 12. My local cafe

Back in February I had the pleasure of a few days in Adelaide to see Feist. A friend had a free ticket to Feist and asked if I wanted to come along... a pretty good deal, especially as I have a few buddies in Adelaide.

Obviously my life isn't always as exciting and glamorous as these photos suggest. But it's nice to look back on some of the fun times that have been and gone. Did anyone else notice it's April? Goodness me!