Friday, June 15, 2012

The Wedding Poem


My brother was married to the beautiful Emma a few weeks ago. He asked me to pen them a poem for the occassion and read it on the day - a daunting task!

It took me a long time to come up with a suitable idea and even longer still to write the silly thing. But I got there in the end.

I was an absolute plate of jelly on the day, shaking with nerves and feeling very vulnerable. Writing poetry is one thing, reading it at your brother's wedding is another.

Anyway, I thought I'd share what I wrote with you. The only thing to know is that my brother is a science major, and obsessed with wine, especially pinot noir. In fact, he's currently in France on his honeymoon drinking gallons of the stuff.

To Know and Be Known

What does this thing, this eddying,
falling, swaying thing- love - look like?

Have you seen the right ventral
tegmental region of the brain
throwing dopamine around like confetti?

The pre-frontal cortex pulling data
into patterns, building pathways and
monitoring progress towards something
mystical and praiseworthy
until those chemicals shift
like holograms, slowing
to a kind of mercurial calm;
a love that lasts the decades.

Or perhaps it's less like brain science
and more like a climate – yours
that of a pinot grape, demanding
warm days and cool evenings,
chalky clay, and air crisp like freshly
laundered sheets to produce
a limited, but complex palette.

That place where your love began,
that fertile ground where two curling
vines were grafted into a matrix
altogether more robust-
that must've been something to behold.

And only you can tell of the
careful pruning which took place
in quieter moments, leading
to bud bursts, shoots, leaves and
fruit hanging ripe from the vine,
sugar just below the surface
with enough piquancy to satisfy
a thirsty tongue.

What a vintage, this promise - to know and be known.

Alexi Murdoch

Isn't sharing stuff the best? I love sharing music and books 'specially.

Recently, T (who you will probably become more familiar with on this here blog), introduced me to Alexi Murdoch. He's a UK artist who plays beautiful folk music that makes you feel nice and warm inside.

I feel I'm a little late to the party on this one, but maybe you are too. Let's be late to the party together! He has a new album out called Towards the Sun and it's pretty swell.

Here is one of his older songs that is rather lovely. Enjoy.

Why hello there

Oh my. Down in Melbourne-town it's a bit cold, grey and drizzly at the moment. Our house doesn't have heating, which is a bit of a killer during this deathly winter period, so we've taken to leaving the oven on and open to at least warm the kitchen area up. Bit naughty, but efficient. Some use blankets; we use ovens. How is it your neck of the woods these days?

But I'm happy to say today is all blue skies and sunshine, which is quite the metaphor for life at the moment, really. I've finally come through the fog of my first bible college exam, my brother's wedding, national staff conference and end of semester shenanigans. I feel like I can breathe again *inhales*.

And so, here I am, back at the keyboard, wanting to say OHAI and that I haven't forgotten you despite the silence of the last two months.

So expect a few more posts very, very, soon.