Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photo Diary: The End

Well, seeing as my holidays end today, yesterday's photos, taken in the city and at the State Library signal the end of my photo diary.

It's been fun, and I think it has made me more 'photo aware'. I will often think "ooh that'd make a good picture". The downside was having to lug my big camera around (hence these crappy camera phone photos - taken when I just didn't care!).
I'm proud I actually (pretty much) stuck to my plan, and took photos most days. When I started, I didn't think I'd get through the two weeks. I'm glad I did. I usually have a terrible memory, so they really will help me remember these holidays.

Anyway, here's the last batch. It's not the end of photos on this blog, but just a break from taking them all the time. Sorry the quality's not great.

Christmas trees on the sidewalk outside my apartment - there's two at the moment. I don't mind though, because they smell nice.

The exhibition I saw at the State Library

One of George Caddy's photos of people doing Beachobatics

Giant hanging chandeliers on Hunter street (the photo doesn't do them justice)


Incredible shelving and display methods at a boutique shop in The Strand. I really like it, however pretentious it is. Reminds me of either DNA strands, or a circuit board.

This pretty much sums up George Street for me...

Reading material for the bus; the summer issue of The Monthly which I haven't got round to finishing yet.

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