Saturday, January 17, 2009

Unintentional New Years resolutions

I don't like making resolutions around New Year - I just find it either leads to failure, and then disappointment. Or obsession, and then loss of perspective.

But, I've somehow found myself making semi-unconscious resolutions. This is the first time i've conscoiusly written them down:

*Walk to places, when I can: to work, to church, to the shops, the library, maybe even to uni. It's been great living so central to all these places since we moved. I will use my car a lot less.
*Eat healthier - only a week so far, but hopefully I'll stay on track.
*Be more sociable - i've been pretty sociable this week, but I'll need to keep scheduling people in otherwise it won't happen.
*Be more creative - i've just learnt how to sew, and I'm taking my camera out more. I'd like to do more crafting, but it's kind of expensive, so we'll see.

Have you made any unconscious resolutions that you're starting to make conscious?

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