Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How freaky are you?

Last night for some reason, we decided to do an online personality test - we being jo, our dinner guest and me. It was quite spur of the moment - I think it came about because our dinner guest had never done one before, and we were talking about how some workplaces make you do them.

It was pretty interesting. I mean, they always are, but I think this time particularly, because I realised our guest was the opposite personality to me! But she is one of my all time besties... so go figure. I guess we complement each other :)
The personality test revealed all the things I already knew about myself... mainly that i'm stubborn and critical haha.

According to the myers-briggs type indicators, i'm an INTJ.
In summary:

INTJs direct their energy towards the inner world of thoughts and emotions. They
use their imaginations to come up with new ideas, possibilities and perspectives. They often organise their lives on a logical basis, and produce plans and strategies to put their ideas into practice.
The most interesting aspect of the results was the role we end up playing in teams. Apparentely I'm an "innovator".
Innovators use their imagination to create new and different ideas and
perspectives. They observe the world around them, then use their imaginations to
consider what they have observed from a number of different perspectives, and
dream up new ideas and insights. Innovators often produce radical solutions to
problems, develop long-term vision and demonstrate an apparent understanding of
what cannot be clearly known.
I was thinking about different teams I've been in and how I really could slot people into the different categories described on the website.

I don't think personality tests are helpful to obsess over, but they do give a bit of insight into things - for me I think it helped to see where my weaknesses are, particularly in a team situation.

To do the 'mental muscle' personality test go here. For a description of the different roles in teams, go here.

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