Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I can sew!

You heard it here first, folks! I sewed two bags (with lining!) with the help of my wonderful mum.
This is the first one, under construction.

These are antique cotton reels that my grandmother used. I never really knew her as she died when I was 1, so it was a thrill to find these in mum's sewing cabinet.

This is the blue bag, completed!

I made the straps a bit longer on the second bag, as I plan to use it more as a handbag, than the grocery bag it was intended for.
I'm really pleased with both of them. I was, however, glad to have mum on hand to correct my errors and show me how to do things like give it a lining, which the pattern didn't include.

My holiday is now almost over - it's been a busy few weeks- Christmas, New Year, Canberra, learning to sew, spending time with family and friends. It's been great! The last few days I plan to catch up with a few more people, sleep in and finish unpacking.


Kim said...

Just have to say...these look really great! Pretty amazing for a first up effort.

Bonnie said...

go Soph! They're great.

I've tagged you for a meme. :-)

sophg said...

Thanks guys, I took the red one to the shops today, and it was fun to use :)

Ali said...

They are so cool! Soon you will be able to give up your day job.

sophg said...

haha not likely - it took like 5 hours to make one! I need to get my speed up :)