Saturday, August 29, 2009

Silverton Souvenirs

These fabulous antique bottles are souvenirs from my trip to Broken Hill back in June. I found them at the Silverton Cafe (which makes great damper burgers and terrible coffee). If you ever get out there - make sure to visit the cafe as it sells beautiful antiques dug up in soil around Silverton.

The bottles are the strangest, yet most enchanting souvenirs I've ever collected. I love them because of their beautiful colours, and fantastic labels. They sit on my bedside table and remind me of the Roald Dahl book, George's Marvellous Medicine...

This lovely purple one is a "Pick-me-up". It says down the bottom of the bottle: "This bottle is the property of Pick Me Up Condiment Co Ltd Sydney 1930".

This one is the weirdest. It says "World Famous Blood Mixture" on the front and Lincoln Clarke's on the side.

This little one is a poison bottle, and simply says "Not to be taken". I love the deep blue.

This is Magic Brunswick Black. I love the name and wonder what on earth it was supposed to do for you!

This is one of the more common bottles, and says "Wood's Great Peppermint Cure for Coughs & Colds". I wonder if it did any good.

This last one is a tiny brown bottle which says Morses Indian Root Pills. Who knows what ailment it was meant to cure, but it sounds dodgy! On the side it says W.H Com Stock

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Ben McLaughlin said...

i like the top photo, it reminds me of a Giorgio Morandi painting