Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What are you....?

Loving... the evenings are getting darker later, the air is warming up

Hating... washing up

Grieving... my dad starting chemotherapy soon

Rejoicing... at the birth of lots of tiny new babies. I got to hold a lovely soft, pink bundle that was less than 36 hours old on Monday.. newborn hair is AMAZING.

Working... on a seminar on creativity for our church weekend away (just finished - YES!)

Cooking... roast chicken, kanga bangers and lots of boiled eggs. Anything low-maintenance

Thankful... for many things. But especially noticing how I have everything I need.

Learning... patience and contentment

Planning... what to do next year

Feeling... excited at the possibilities, daunted by the uncertainty

Looking forward to... finishing reading The Sea by John Banville.

What about you?


onlinesoph said...

Loving...waking up early in the morning with some pilates, coffee and my Bible dry, cracked lips.
Grieving...the fact I couldn't be there for my grandmother's funeral. She died a couple of weeks ago in Malaysia. Helga's bread being on special at my Woolies.
Working... on my critical tongue.
Cooking... fried rice tomorrow night. Eating mum's cooking tonight!
Thankful... not enough of the time.
Learning...about my company's code of conduct (am taking a compulsory online test while filling out this quiz!)
Planning... my church's music copyright and song list this saturday. Big job!
Feeling...happy one minute, sad the next. time of the month, maybe.
Looking forward to...Sam finishing college. I can't wait.

sophg said...

Sorry to hear about your granmother, Soph :(

Code of conduct learning sounds riveting!!