Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good news

I need to change a few things in my recent "What are you..." post.

I want to alter the grieving and rejoicing categories. I did write, that I was grieving the thought of Dad soon undergoing chemotherapy.

Well, Praise the Lord (literally), in the last two weeks my Dad's cancer count (well, actually technicall his PSA) has gone down. And the secondary cancer they believed was present in his ribs is now inconclusive based on bone scan they did last week.

This is amazing! We all thought this week's consultation would result in him being put straight into a new chemo drug trial as a last resort.

Instead, the Dr thinks the massive steiroids he was on for his inflamed lungs have supressed the cancer, indicating the cancer is still "hormone responsive"... which is a good thing. So, they've put him back on steiroids!

So, from grieving to rejoicing.


mq2 said...

Rejoicing indeed. xx

onlinesoph said...

that's fantastic news sophie :)