Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What men want

Help! I need to buy my brother a Christmas present and I'm all out of ideas...

His birthday was late Sept, and I got him a fairtrade soccer ball from Oxfam. That was my last good idea... now? None. Nudda. Nothing. Last Christmas, I think I got him a knockbox for his coffee machine. The one before that, I think some DVDs.

He's 26, lives in a bachelor pad, likes sport, wine, partying and doing boy-things.


What are you getting people for Christmas?

I've bought dad some Blueray Discs, because he got a blue ray machine thingo for his birthday last month. And I'm giving mum some Japanese Sencha Green tea, because she loved it in Japan, but can't find it in the shops (I bought some online) and maybe a babushka doll, because she's started collecting them.

But brothers, eek they're so hard to buy for!


onlinesoph said...

I know your "brother present" dilemma - I have two!

CD? DVD? iTunes gift card? T shirt? Beach towel?

Ben McLaughlin said...

that show 'top gear'? Most guys -except this non car person- seem to like that.

flight of the conchords dvd?

Ben McLaughlin said...

oh or a jbhi fi voucher is always a top prez.

sophg said...

hmm see i feel like a voucher is too impersonal, but maybe for guy's it's like "yay! something i actually want!"

I think jb's probbaly the way to go..

Bonnie said...

Toby's Estate sells Japanese Green Sencha for future reference. :-)

Maybe some kind of coffee hamper if he's still got his espresso machine? A book on latte art and a selection of beans from Toby's or Campos, or something like that?

Ben McLaughlin said...

I think in general guys don't go, 'oh, a voucher? how impersonal and unfeeling', they go 'woo hoo, let me at some sweet guilt-free spending'.

onlinesoph said...

I totally agree with Ben, soph. Guys love vouchers. They don't care about the "personal touch". I know this from personal experience!!!

FOTC is a great idea!!