Monday, December 15, 2008


So we're in - definitely not completely unpacked, but there is at least a little bit of space to function.

It's strange how much moving house changes your routines/habits. I'm feeling all out of whack having spent so much time doing very practical things. On Sunday Jo and I realised we hadn't had any recreation time in about 5 days, which explained our utter exhaustion and short fuses. When we figured that out we just stopped and did nothing for an hour in the afternoon.

The layout too, has me out of whack. Not having my computer in the living room (hence the lack of blogging), and not having all the rooms come off the main living room means I'm still working out where I hang out in my downtime. Our new place is more like a half-house, so it's long, and has separate rooms. I much prefer it, but it's weird!

We're without gas until Wednesday, which means no stovetop or oven to use, which makes it feel like we've been in transit for a week, eating strange microwavable food and carrying boxes like there's no tomorrow.

On the up side, we had our bond inspection today, and finally cleared the last of our stuff from the D.Hizzle (Dulwich Hill) apartment. It was like a monkey off our back when the agent said the place was fine and wouldn't claim on our bond. What a relief.

We're still living in a sea of boxes at the moment, but I'm sure it'll feel like home soon enough.

It was pretty awesome today to walk to the office in less than five minutes. I also had dinner at a friend's house, which was even closer! Sweeeeeet.

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