Friday, December 19, 2008

Muskrat Love?

While we were waiting for the moving van to come last week (we waited 7 hours), Jo and I went a bit crazy, and in between reading and talking, I sang a bit. I had one song in particular stuck in my head - Muskrat Love, by America.

You know, America? They wrote 'Horse with No Name'. I have a best of album, and I just love the 70s jangly harmonies and multiple guitars..

Anyway so I'm singing this song about Muskrat Love and Jo is getting furious telling me to shut up. I started to ponder what the song was about, but by the time the van came I forgot completely about it.

Then, a couple of nights ago we were channel flicking, and we found this documentary called Muskrat Lovely, about a pagaent in Maryland, the National Outdoor Show. Everyone competes to be "Miss Outdoors" and there is a muskrat skinning competition.

I was pretty chuffed that the stars had lined up in such a way that the same week I had been driving jo crazy by singing this song, there had been a whole documentary about muskrat skinning on TV.

At the end of the doco, they played Muskrat Love the song. I wiki'd it and discovered it was originally by Willis Alan Ramsay, and has been covered by America and Captain & Tenille.

It also shed light on the song's meaning: "It is literally a song about muskrats in love." Wow. Deep huh?

Here's a lyrical sample:

"Nibbling on bacon, chewin on cheese

Sammy says to susie honey,

would you please be my missus?

And she say yes

With her kisses"

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