Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Second-hand goodness

Since we moved apartments, I've needed to be able to fit my desk in my room, because the loungeroom is too small. In some ways that's what we wanted - clearly defined spaces, unlike our old place where everything was in one room.

So, I needed some space efficient furniture... nd I was determined to get what I needed - desk, cd storage and bookshelf for under $100. Hello Ebay!

I'm proud to say I got all those things for $103!

I bought a bookshelf for a dollar on ebay - it's real wood - not even chipboard! And is the perfect size! I gave the people what I had in my wallet on exchange ($3) because I felt stingy... not sure that my final offer really made up for that.

I also bought a 2m tall cd tower for $20, which new at IKEA costs four times that. I picked it up last night, and it's really cool - it fits most of my cds, and because it's tall and slim, uses no space at all.

The biggest expense was a desk, new from IKEA for $80.

But I think I did pretty well!

For all those people who say ebay is scary and evil, i say poo poo. It's actually really good! If you only buy from sellers with 98-100% positive feedback, and bid wisely, it's full of bargains. I've never had a regretful purchase.

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