Friday, December 26, 2008

10 best things about being home

I'm too accustomed to living out of home to ever move back for an extended period of time, but visiting my parents can be fun.

If I had to nail down 10 things that I enjoy about being back in the suburbs, they would be:

1. Seeing the dogs (some have rudely called them 'rats' because they are the small, yappy type..not mentioning any names) and having them fall asleep next to you
2. Having dinner cooked for you.
3. Watching Foxtel, specifically the movie and lifestyle channels!
4. Making coffee on mum's machine
5. Lying on the grass reading
6. Seeing lots of trees and open space, and feeling nostalgic about the north shore
7. Hanging sheets on a Hills Hoist and watching them fly in the wind
8. Never opening the fridge only to find its empty
9. Watching the cricket on a big tv screen
10. The smell of christmas tree in the lounge room

1 comment:

lizabaker said...

The 11th one is not having the urgency for furniture removals. :)