Monday, December 15, 2008

Update on the CD-selling situation

I posted a while back about wanting to sell some CDs and books. On the weekend I walked around Newtown trying to sell my CDs. okay that sounds dramatic... I really just visited two second hand cd shops.

The first was Egg Records. I took in probably around 80 - 100 cds, and he picked 17 of them. I was suprised by his choices, but was quite happy when he offered $65 for them! It came in handy this week with moving/cleaning costs. I thought he would've just said give me the lot and I'll pay you $x, but no, he selected 17 particular cds.. ones with the least amount of scratches and most saleable.

Because he hadn't taken them all, I took them down to Repressed Records which is on King Street, down near the Performing arts high school. They didn't want any of them, so I still have quite a large bunch of cds I'd like to offload. I haven't tried the books yet, but I think i'll put it on my to-do list this weekend.


Ben McLaughlin said...

you could put a list of them on your blog. maybe there are some prospective buyers reading.

(okay, yes, I'm talking about me.)

Kim said...

haha, yes i support the above idea. There's something sad about selling CDs though - I'm sure I will bring myself to do it someday.

sophg said...

hehe I will have to sit down and write a list. Do keep in mind, it's the dregs of my collection!