Monday, March 3, 2008

Andrew Daddo and playdough

I somehow convinced my housemate Jo to ring up for the ABC 702 quiz, Norman ... hahah..... I'm pretty persuasive! There's no way I'd do it, mainly because you can't as an ex-ABC employee do such a thing- how embarrassing? It's like showing you've shamefully re-formed the sheen and shine on what you know to be in reality quite a normal, not shiny job (ie. radio).... but I do so love the quiz. I became quite fond of it on freezing cold nights in Orange when I'd get in my car and of course the local abc station was tuned in, and the quiz would start as I was driving home.

I was quite sad to hear James O'Laughlin leave, but Andrew Daddo, who's the new presenter is so lovely and quite funny. A good mix of humour and just genuine interest in people.

Anyway, so I convinced Jo to call up, and she got such a shocker question - which island group is Tenerrife a part of!?? No idea... apparently the Cayman. Anyway, she had a cute conversation with mr daddo, about the lessons she learnt when moving out of home - to never go back!

And I also made playdough tonight.. for scripture tomorrow. I've never made playdough before... interesting. I had no idea there was a whole cup of salt in it! No wonder it makes children feel ill if they eat it!

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