Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beach Picnic Saga

My friends Veronica (who reads this blog and thinks she can be invisible! muhahah) and Trish from primary school/church decided to have a picnic last weekend. This was a great idea. We each brought a segment of the meal - I was on dessert duty - and shared our feast.

It was however, Veronica's idea to have the picnic at the beach. So we drove to Warriewood, only to discover there is no grassy, shady parts of the beach at 1pm (surprise!)... so after much exploring, she decided we should trek across the breadth of the beach to the tiny sliver of shade closest to the headland otherwise known as the scary rocky part of the beach. No, i'm exaggerating, it was lovely. But it was quite amusing, the length we had to go to, to find a shady bit.

Anyway, so we had a fun time and there were some hangliders in the air..

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