Sunday, March 23, 2008

Anyone for vomit-stew?

My housemate Jo cooked dinner last week and it came out looking like vomit, so I thought i'd document the occasion... it was meant to be beef satay. But because we bought home brand frozen vegies (which we've decided not to do again), they came in cubes and looked horrible!


Anonymous said...

I think I should start my own blog in retaliation: "My friend sophie who makes all little things into Sagas..." And my daggy hat is only fit for old friends, not internet acquaintances! At least you didn't put up the one where I am mid-laugh, mid-squint, mid-mouthful :)

sophg said...

yeah that photo is gold. I thought about it... but I thought you'd never speak to me again :) Sorry for not asking your permission, and sorry about the sagas. It was more about putting a bit of token text next to the pretty pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, my first ever post on your blog was in the wrong spot and sounded grumpy! It kind of was, but blame it more on saturday morning than on any legitimate cause :) Your Saga habit is not a bad thing, in fact it causes great amusement!