Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wilco at the Enmore

What is it about Wilco...?! Well actually I know what it is - they're just an amazing band... but both times i've seen them, I've seen famous people in the crowd.

This time last year we saw Toni Collette, and Paul Dempsey (lead singer Something for Kate).

Last night I saw Joel Edgerton and his girlfriend, who is the mean blonde girl in Looking for Alibrandi. But I also saw the ABC's National Security Correspondent Leigh Sales, who I interviewed in 3rd year uni for an assignment, but never met! And a journalist who fills in as presenter of AM on the ABC when Tony Eastley is away.

But perhaps more significantly, I ran into the guy I took to my year 10 formal! It was a bit odd. Fun to see him again, but it's just been so long since we actually hung out. I took him to my formal as a friend, and always suspected he was gay, and he now officially is. Both of us have changed heaps, physically and everything else, but it was nice he came up and said hi. I love that he's doing his honours at COFA on Sonic Youth's album art. hahah...

Sometimes it feels like life is such a cliche.

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