Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm satisfied, because I have baby spew on my skirt!

I was given the privilege of looking after 4 month old baby Phoebe Chua from church yesterday, for a couple of hours while her mum went to the dentist. So cute! She slept most of the time, which meant I did quite a bit of work (this is a good thing), and she conveniently woke up with a big grin 10 mins before her mum got home, time enough for a cuddle and a spew.

I really like babies. I think it's probably in my genes, because Mum is a neonatal nurse. I certainly don't have any sort of ability with them though, I just think they're cute. So little and defenseless!

It's funny being a woman and not knowing whether you will have children. Like I think most women want children, but who knows if we will have them? It's such a strong urge too. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I may never marry, may never have children. That is a hard truth to swallow, but it's part of this life. I often ponder how heaven will look, what will happen to family as we know it? Obviously we'll be the Family of God - capital letters, but what of other relationships which God designed for this life? It will be fascinating. What I like is that I can definitely know one thing - we won't be wanting for anything, because we will be in perfect relationship with God, bringing him glory and knowing in full ! That is a glorious truth.


Mark said...

I do find the concept of family in heaven difficult to contemplate. If I get married as I'm hoping, and then when I die, will I not still care for my wife in an exclusive way as I did on Earth? :/
I find it difficult to understand how those close ties of family between parents and children or between husband and wife won't be there anymore :/

Nixter said...

How cute is little Pheobe, I have some cute pics of here I must put up somewhere too :) Miss ya!