Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend therapy

Not shopping, not even coffee... I'm talking about a good old bedroom tidy.

Why is it that lurking on every messy bedroom floor are hundreds of Bobby pins and 10 cent pieces you never knew you had?

I started with the washing pile and my state of mind quickly escalated to expunging every deviant object/speck of dust.

I find it odd I can go for months not seeing the mess, and then in a sudden moment of clarity all I can see is the mess, and it must go...

My conclusion thus far is I need another bookshelf. The floor just isn't cutting it.


Ali said...

Hey, I've done the same thing today. I even vacuumed unreachable places under the bed. Must be the weather! (I felt like I could be in my room without being too hot, for starters.)

sophg said...

glad it wasn't just me living the boring bedroom tidy life!

so satisfying though.