Saturday, February 27, 2010

cycling around melbourne

I'm planning to take a little break in melbourne later this year to visit a few friends and soak up the goodness of a city with actual, grassroots culture.

And this little find has just made me 200 times more excited about my plans... an awesome little business called The Humble Vintage that supplies visitors with vintage bikes and accompanying hand-drawn map and city guide for $30 a day! I like it.

read more via the awesome Design Files


Jojo said...

Guess what!

I was in Melbourne over the weekend and with your blog in mind, my travelmate and I booked two vintage bikes with these guys.

It was fabulous - our bikes were adorable (I had a red one! My friend had a basket!) and we rode the 15km down the Yarra to Abbotsford Convent for lunch and back (=30km total, 3 hrs).

On some hills we thought 'hmm, a road bike would be nice right about now' but for the most part, the vintageness made it so much more fun.

I told them that I'd discovered them them through a friend's blog, and that she'll be calling them later in the year :)

sophg said...

eek! that's awesome. Very jealous...

So glad you did it. that's kind of funny about the hills :)

ahhh can't wait to do it myself.