Sunday, February 21, 2010

March Meanjin

This month's Meanjin looks really interesting. Meanjin is the literary journal that comes out of Melbourne Uni, and I think I might subscribe as a birthday treat/as part of doing my masters.

Here's what you can find in the March edition:

The March edition of Meanjin looks at charisma: of religion, of science, of teachers....

John Potts considers how deeply religious impulses are still mirrored in our secular beliefs and Jeff Sparrow questions where New Atheism will lead us. Phil Brown remembers being taught by one of the greats, the poet Bruce Dawe, Jane Grant explores the cult of the brilliant academic and writer, Sam Goldberg, and in the first of our Rewind series we publish Goldberg’s 1957 Meanjin essay ‘The Poet as Hero: A.D. Hope’s ‘The Wandering Islands’’. Paul Mitchell examines the presence of God in Australian literature - from Tim Winton’s Breath to Tsiolkas’s Dead Europe, Helen Barnes-Bulley asks if atheists can truly enjoy religious art and Carol Major looks at the ways in which the church has informed our adoption practices.

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