Thursday, February 18, 2010

rental malaise

We found out (sort of by accident) this morning our rent has increased, not by heaps, but without notice.

It got me thinking again about the things I really don't like about where we currently live. Number one on the list being cockroaches, followed shortly by peach coloured walls/brown carpet, and lack of light.

Oh what I would do for some white walls and floorboards (actually that's what downstairs is like... we were unlucky).

But I also reflected on what I'm thankful for here - the handy location, cheap rent, built-ins; it's everything we need.

Seriously though, peach walls....

ps. anyone have any guaranteed cockroach killers? We tried bombing, and bait, to no avail. help!


Bonnie said...

Hi Soph,

1. That's completely wrong (illegal even!). They have to give you 60 days notice.If you do not get 60 days notice you do not have to pay the increase. If the landlord/agent asks why you are not paying the increased rent, point out that their notice was invalid. They must start again and give you the correct notice.

2. Ask the real estate for a pest man to come and spray the building. The landlord should pay for it. We've had it done a couple of times since we moved in and while we used to have a massive cockroach problem we now have none.

sophg said...

Hey bonnie,
Yeah we know it's illegal, but htey claim to have sent us the letter that we never received... but they've sent us a photocopy of the original letter. So we're just going to go with it...

I think we will ask about the pest man, because seriously it's such a pain. That's encouraging you guys had someone come, because I think we're with the same agent..

Bonnie said...

yep we are. And they haven't done anything dodge to us (yet).

But I know of a few things they've done to other people that make me think your letter probably didn't get lost in the mail.

sophg said...