Wednesday, February 10, 2010

change up

I've been itching to change my header image for a while, and I finally cracked just now. I chose the cherry image because it was the most popular photo at last year's craft fair, selling out in all sizes. And well, I too love the colour and texture. So, the cherries it is.

It makes me just a little bit 'homesick' for the country. Just a little bit.


Jojo said...

i love love love this photo! are you thinking of selling them again soon?

sophg said...

hey jo,
thanks :)
I can sell them anytime, if you're interested? I can do them framed: 6x8, or 8x10, or even larger if you wanted. The frames are black wood and glass front with white board and the photo is set back about 3/4inch.