Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stimulus Package

Another slightly irreverent poem (if I can call it that!?)

Stimulus Package

I'll payback that loan
and get a new one

Open a savings account
and make a withdrawal

Register my car
and back it into a pole

Dine at an establishment which serves
chilled soup in a shot glass

Buy reams of organic Australian yarn
manufactured in China

Upgrade my bike
so it looks retro

Buy a star
and look for it among the skyscrapers

Fly to Bali
and pose next to the bomb memorial

Build a toilet in Ghana
and put the picture on the fridge.


onlinesoph said...

I love this poem! Going to linky link to it.

sophg said...

Thanks soph :) I had doubts about my ability to write poetry with any sort of humour in it, so it's nice to see at least one person thinks it's ok!

Drew said...

very nice, and very funny :)