Friday, February 13, 2009

Feminism and all that business

Oh boy... am I over reading about cute valentine's crafts you can make for your significant other...

Judging by the number of posts on design/craft blogs about the subject at the moment you'd assume 99.5 % of their readership is in a relationship, which I highly doubt.

Where's the angry riotous feminist grrl power gone?

on that subject - apart from a tiny minority of people who are really are feminist activists, and teenage girls who in their own way are redefining feminism by willingly moulding themselves into objects of male pleasure, I think there's a reversion to some old-school "pre-feminist" (that term really isn't working for me, but I can't think of anything better?) values among women who grew up in the 80s and 90s.

What I see in the blogs I read is a concentration on family, love, acts of service, getting married, commitment and fulfilling the role of wife/mother to perfection. Articles on knitting for your family, baking, cooking, organising romantic getaways, making memories etc. The medium itself is being driven by these values: blogs authored by couples and blogs like Smitten, which discuss relationships in a radically frank way, but are really all about good old fashioned love.

Did anyone else read much about feminist rocker Ani Difranco's recent album and aussie tour, and how she's morphed into a mother-figure quite in love with life? I reckon her own journey is probably quite representative of a lot of women from Generation X/late Gen Y, who went through the struggle to define themselves as independent and career-driven, who are now settling down and secretly loving it.

And what's with all these movies about brides?