Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Book culture

What are your book habits?

I'm a total flicker - I flick betweenchannels on tv, and I flick between books. I usually have up to 15 books on the go at a time.

At the moment I'm reading a few poetry anthologies (Yeats, Eight American Poets), a book on writing poetry, The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, a book written from the perspective of someone with an eating disorder and the bible. There's probably others, but right now they're all piled up next to my bed and I can't see them...

I wish I were a one book at a time person - because I think that's actually more satisfying, but like with my tv flicking, and blog viewing, I'm pretty erratic!

What about you?


Drew said...

I read for my job, so...
dozens of books at once! But it's more effective if I stick to 2-3 at the most.

Reading for relaxation, I'm slowly learning to do one novel and one non-fiction at a time. Poetry... can be dipped in and out of. It doesn't seem to have the same rules.

sophg said...

Welcome to storms... drew!
Yeah, one novel and one non-fiction sounds good.

You're right about poetry, but I'm currently reading an anthology which includes biography, and it's like reading a book.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Juggling makes me anxious. I've simplified to one novel at a time, and I have a Judith Wright book of poetry I like to read at bedtime.