Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Harsh Recession Lifestyle

I just caught a bit of Insight on SBS, which was doing a recession special.

Jo and I were both quite shocked by the head of some retail organisation saying how the recession had forced her to start using her kitchen again. As in - she is cooking. WOAH get out! Cooking? How quaint.

She also said people are now buying more staples - like rice and potatoes. RICE AND POTATOES! What new fangled carbohydrates

Is this true - have you been stashing potatoes away for the winter, and actually turning your burners on for the first time in years??

Turns out I've been a freak all along.


onlinesoph said...


How out of touch she must be!!

I love the fact that while celebs and high flyers go on no-carb, no-fat, no-dairy, no-sugar diets, the majority of the world eat carbs to like, you know, live.

sophg said...

What worried me was that maybe she wasn't out of touch! At least, with middle-upper class people.