Friday, February 20, 2009

New blog project

I'm excited to reveal my new blog project The Land Itself.

It's a collaborative project between one of my closest friends, Jane, and myself. Jane recently moved to Broken Hill, and we thought a joint blog would help us stay in touch.

Then we started dreaming the possibilities, and thought it would be fun for others to read as well.

We want to focus on sharing what we know of where we live, and who we are with each other. So Jane will post photos of her new home, and stories about life there. I will do the same, plus some of my poems.

It's inspired by a wonderful project called "A Year of Mornings". We don't expect our blog to be anywhere near as beautiful, but hopefully it will be as personal and say just as much.

So, welcome to The Land Itself! Go check it out. Pictures coming shortly..

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