Friday, February 27, 2009


What did your Grandfather teach you?

On 702 drive this afternoon, that's the discussion topic. I've never had a grandfather, but I loved hearing a few of the people's stories.

The funniest was a boy who's grandfather taught him how to roll cigarettes... at age 6!


Bonnie said...

My Grandpa was a primary school principal and loved to send me and my brother quizzes in the mail. If we filled it out correctly and sent it back we'd get a letter with $5 wrapped in alfoil in return!

The only time I didn't get 100% was when he asked me to spell the word that describes a group of people who sing together (choir). I know it well now though!

He taught me to love learning. He also let us stuff his pipe for him, so I guess he taught me that too!

sophg said...

Your grandpa sounds like a dude!