Sunday, February 22, 2009

Andrew Bird

Photo credit: Cameron Wittig

I can't recommend this Chicagoan's work highly enough. He is a singer/songwriter/masterful violinist who creates a stunning blend of eccentric pop sprinkled with violin, whistling and artful harmonies.
I don't own his most recent album "Noble Beast" - I can't afford to buy it at the moment, but I have downloaded 5 of the songs with some free vouchers I received from iTunes. This album, like his others is a lovely place to be. In some ways it's easy listening - what with so many stirring melodies and calming harmonies, but his lyrics are fantastically clever. He especially loves science and history references.
If you like the Swell Season (as I know many of you do), I think you'd be charmed by it. Glen Hansard is very different from Andrew Bird, but if you like that kind of clever, beautiful 'pop', you should like Andrew Bird.
You need to check him out!

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