Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vito's Ordination Song

I was re-listening to Michigan earlier this week and was struck by how beautiful the last song on the album is. The lyrics are so great.

I always knew you in your mothers arms
I have called you son
I've made amends
Between father and son
Or, if you haven't one
Rest in my arms
Sleep in my bed
There is a design
To what I did and said

 I also made the link for the first time that it's dedicated toSufjan's friend, Vito Aiuto, who is the front man of The Welcome Wagon, whose album Sufjan produced.


Thora and Dean said...

sooooo, have heard of the welcome wagon around the traps, kinda thought i might like them, but then never did anything about it. listened to that clip - wow! think i'll be searching out that album for sure now!

Thora and Dean said...

PS vito reminds me of ben mceachen!

sophg said...

yay! Glad to introduce you to them :)

haha yeah I hadn't made the ben mc link