Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brown Owls Take 2

Tonight's our second Brown Owls gathering.

For the uninitiated, it's a bunch of crafters who meet in a pub in Brunswick every fortnight to hang out and craft together.

Kris (the dreadlocked one) and I did book sculptures last week. It was good for me to learn how to do them, but didn't really suit the vibe. Every one else was doing something with wool - crochet, knitting, or making pom poms.

There's only so many books you can fold, and only so much time you can spend folding. So I did a last minute dash to the wool shop today. I'm going the lazy route and will knit a scarf.

I've made a few scarfs in my time, but none of them wearable (in my opinion). And let's face it, Sydney doesn't really get cold enough to wear a woollen scarf.

Melbourne, however...

So, I'm making a stripy scarf out of these colours. I really like the greeny/yellow wool. I don't even know what colour to call it. It's slightly more green in real life.

However, I'd forgotten how expensive wool is. This scarf better be awesome!


Thora and Dean said...


and hold on a second - sydney doesn't get cold enough for woollen scarves?!?!?!?!

it so does.

(that's my story and i'm sticking to it - how else do i explain the 50 or so scarves that are in my wardrobe?!?!?!)

sophg said...

I worded that carefully... "woollen" scarves...

There is room for other materials, for sure!

Joanna said...

One of the joys of Melbourne - for this Qld-er anyway - lots of opportunities to wear scarves and stylish coats.