Friday, March 4, 2011

She needs YOUR help

There's a story, it goes something like this:

There once was a girl who moved to a place where people spoke to eachother by the ring of a bell. This place was very flat, and had many bike lanes. It also had many bikes: some tall, some with gears, some with baskets - wicker and metal, some mountain, some road, some fixie, some elegant, some streamlined, some funcitonal, some beautiful.

She realised that to have a bike would be to have another mode of transport. A way of getting east to west, where the trams don't go. A way to cut through peakhour traffic. A way to get fit without even trying. A way to get to the shops quickly without driving.

So she mentioned this to some of her new friends, this desire to find a bike. At first she thought she would find one in the trading post, and she had a look. All the pretty old vintage ones took her fancy, but oh  my, were they expensive.

Then, one day, a lovely girl who she had been getting to know better over dumplings mentioned she had a bike she had bought a year ago and not ridden very much. She said she was looking for someone to give it to. She asked if the girl who wanted a bike, would take it.

The girl who wanted a bike was rather overwhelmed with the generosity of her new friend, and suggested she could buy it from her. But her friend insisted it would be a gift. And gifts are hard to say no to.

So, on Tuesday, the girl who wanted a bike was given the pinkest bike she ever saw. It had a basket, a light, a bell and even a fancy helmet. She was very excited to try it out.

So she hopped on it, only to discover the tyres were flat.

Thankfully, the girl who wanted a bike (and now had one) had a bike-smart friend to help pump the tyres up. While pumping them up, he noticed the front wheel wasn't spinning properly. So on his advice, the girl took the bike to the bike shop, where the bike fixers straightened the wheel and made it all better again.

After getting the all-clear, she hopped on her bike and rode it on home. It took no time at all, and it felt like she was flying.

That afternoon, she rode up to the shops, on the actual road, next to actual cars. She learnt to watch for opening doors, cars merging and pulling out, and trams. She learnt how to look confident even though she was freaking out inside.

She was happy with her bike. But it was rather pink. So pink that many people laughed when they saw it. She thought about spraying it another colour, and may decide to in the future. But for now, she thought, it's kind of funny.

But, she thought, it needs a name.

So, the girl who wanted a bike (who now has one) has asked for your help. What should she call her new pink bike??



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sophg said...

these are pretty good... especially gavin.

Hi my name is Stef. said...

Abigail. Or Abbie for short :)
It must be something about the pink.. but in human form I see her having big blue eyes and pretty blonde hair..

Emma said...

I like Clementine.