Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The least-laborious Labour Day

How to have a lovely Labour Day:
Take one good friend and drive south to the Mornington Peninsula.

Pick up one of your good friend's acquaintances at her lovely old cottage which has a well, an old cedar and a hammock.

Drive from beautiful beach to beautiful beach, wallowing in the shallows and lying on piers.

Drink coffee, eat lunch, and visit an opshop.

Do this all under a blooming sun.

Drive home at sunset. Go to a very cheap gig featuring some of your old faves. Enjoy.

Darren Hanlon

Tali White ex Lucksmiths


Emma said...

Looks, and sounds, dreamy.

phillingyouin said...

what a lovely day we had :) x

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm really loving your photos! Have you changed your lens? What are you using?


booth_street said...
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sophg said...

Hey Han,
Sorry about the delayed response. Not a new camera or lens. Still using my 50mm 1.4f, but I was given Lightroom for my birthday, so am pimping my photos with that.