Monday, April 4, 2011

Battle of the nomenclature

I've decided that Melbournites do not like their metaphors. Descriptions of every day things seem very literal.

Here's my list so far of NSW vs. VIC descriptions.

1. Council clean-up = Down in Victoria we call it hard rubbish, because it's hard and it's rubbish: "I love my new sofa. It was hard rubbish."

2. Laser Zone = It's dark and in a zone, so we call it Dark Zone: "Let's take the kiddies to Dark Zone."

3. Small chips/$2.00 worth of chips = It's the minimum amount. So we will call it "Minimum Chips": "I'll have minimum chips with my fish please."

4. Potato scallop = It's not a sea creature, so we will call it what it is, a potato Cake. "Two potato cakes with my minimum chips please!"

I laughed uncontrollably the other day when my friend ordered "minimum chips". I thought that was just the description on the menu, not what you actually order. Now I've decided it's the perfect name for a pop/punk band.

And today a few of us argued over what you call a poppa/juicebox/prima. What would you call it?

Any other extremely literal expressions I should know?


ALaird said...

This post made me smile. And for the record it's poppa:)

onlinesoph said...

poppa! Though I spell it Popper...hehe.

Thora and Dean said...

popper - i spell it popper too...

Anonymous said...

already taken!

sophg said...

Popper it is. I agree.

Anonymous - ahhhh... what a shame!

Ruth said...

Minimum chips and potato cakes - classic!

Makes a lot more sense to me.