Wednesday, March 9, 2011

crafting by pub-light

So we went to Brown Owls, despite the rain, and despite the trepidation of meeting strangers in a pub we'd never been to.

But the communal crafting was great! There were 10 of us all up. Mostly people were doing crochet, but Kris and I made book sculptures.

Here's my finished product.

It's not as neat/cool as the one Kris made me for my birthday, but suffices as a first attempt.

I got laughed at by everyone for expressing my fear of the Melbourne winter, that time when I will be able to see my breath in my own bedroom when I wake up. The mockery was so loud! Oh well... I'll have to buy a cute winter coat soon.

Brown Owls is happening again in a fortnight at the same place and same time, so if you happen to live in the inner north and want to come, just comment and I'll tell you the details.

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