Saturday, October 24, 2009

A taste of Newtown

So I finally made it to Black Star Pastry on Australia Street in Newtown. I decided to walk because the weather was so fine and I'd soon be eating cake. Of course I took my camera along to record my journey. I think the resulting photos sum up the innerwest quite accurately.

This old antique store is now an art space. I love the original sign: Quinn's. Reminds me of Medicine Woman. And of course, next to it, a ubiquitous iron fence. These oscillate between dingy + rusting, or freshly painted in gloss white/fire engine red/gun metal grey, depending on whether or not there's a yuppie residing within.


This bike was just leaning against a fence on a main road, unsecured. I love the detailed plaster work on all the old terraces and shops and the red detail on this particular building was a nice touch.


For the record, once I arrived at my destination, I consumed an orange, fig and quince cake with pistachio and violet sprinkled delicately on top ($4 for a bite sized hunk). OH YUM. Unfortunately my camera battery died before photo could be taken. This and I ate it so quick there was probably never going to be the opportunity for photographic evidence anyway.

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allyson adeney said...

I love Newtown too.
You didn't actually say this, but I can tell by the way you captured it!
Nice one Soph.
Ally <'v'>