Saturday, October 31, 2009

Soundtrack to my weekend


If this weekend were a song, it would be The Whitlams' There's No-One. I've had a pretty low-key weekend spent waking late, strolling the shoreline, listening to podcasts, reading, writing, going to church and enjoying solitude.

There's no-one to call from a country town
It's not a bad thing
I don't have anyone lovely to call
And it's not a bad thing

What about you? What would the soundtrack to your weekend be?

photo: Nowra Sept 2008


Kim said...

Love the photo Soph! My favourite fun happy weekend song: eels - Saturday Morning. What podcasts do you listen to? I think you might like the Radiolab show -

sophg said...

Hey Kim!
Haven't heard Radiolab - will definitely check it out.
I listen to All Songs Considered on NPR and This American Life, as well as some Radio National stuff. I blew my download limit last month! eek! too many podcasts :)