Thursday, October 1, 2009

52 Suburbs

Definitely a "wish I'd thought of that" moment...

I just came across a great new blog called 52 suburbs. It's one girl's attempt to photograph 52 different Sydney suburbs from an artful perspective.

I read about it on the Inside Out blog (also a great read). So far the photographer's only visited 4 suburbs, but the photos are stunning and arranged perfectly.

The Camera commandos photo challenges I'm involved in each season with some friends are similar - we try to capture a place in a limited time with two themes guiding us - but we don't really document our finds as nicely. Maybe we should start a blog for it?

Check out the beautiful photos of Wahroonga, Lakemba, Potts Point and Cronulla here.

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luce said...

ok so im making a date with you.
see your fb account. L