Saturday, October 31, 2009

I've met someone new...

I picked him up this afternoon.

new coffee machine

He was bought on ebay, so we're still unsure what the future holds, but so far so good. I think I got a good price for a second hand machine. Any tips on maintaining it/making a good coffee?


onlinesoph said...

guthers used to have this machine.

You could ask him for tips


sophg said...

cool. thanks Sam :)

Guthers said...

Hey! I did have that machine! My brother still has one.
My tips for what it's worth, are:
- Remove the "steam enhancer" which it looks like you've already done.
- Work hard on getting the grind right, because the "crema enhancing" group handle can easily cover up a poor grind/tamp and is quite fickle.
- Make sure you use a consistent volume of coffee - it might take a while to figure out what this is.
- Make sure it's full of water! I let it run dry a few times = not good.
- Give it a good clean with some descaler regularly.

It's a good machine - you've bought well!

A pleasure to make your online acquaintance sophg!

(PS - last tip - buy your coffee here! ;)

sophg said...

Hi Guthers,
Thanks for your tips! Really helpful, confirmed most of my hunches already. Have had to work hard to get the grind/volume right to get a good crema. Looking forward to consistency!

ALWAYS buy my coffee from threebeans :)