Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

So I made the foolish mistake of having a day off on Valentine's Day, and deciding to go to St Kilda.

There were smug couples everywhere. BUT I survived.

And in the evening, my new housemate Sarah (Canadian girl) and her friend and I continued my Sydney tradition of seeing the most unromantic movie possible.

We sat through Black Swan. Just. It was pretty awful. I couldn't get over how malevolent the characters were and how graphic some stuff was. Just a bit too icky for me I think.

Anyway, the highlight of hte night was when Sarah and I were grabbing a coffee pre-movie in the Lygon Street mall, and a troupe of adorable Italian ladies started serenading the crowds.

I managed to get a bit on video.

I plan to post up some other videos in coming days of things I've seen in Melbourne. It's a crazy place.


Arrowhead said...
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Suri said...

I was just looking at your blog and realised that you've just moved to Melbourne. I thought you have been here for sometime already. Hope you are settling well :)
Anw, if you are looking for more crazy stuff, you should go to federation square. There's always something going on there especially weekends :)
Enjoy Melbourne! hehe

booth_street said...

Hey Suri,

Yeah, i'm fresh as! Only moved here three weeks ago.

Been going well. Definitely up for seeing more crazy stuff :)